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About Us

Persimmon Pleasures™ grew out of our company Seeds and Such, Inc.  Seeds and Such started as a family hobby, buying black walnuts and tree seeds.  This is a new endeavor to celebrate our community’s love of persimmons and our holiday food traditions.  Persimmons are a native fruit, growing on tall trees in the wild.  There are few farms or plantations of the native American common persimmon.  The fruit is much smaller than Asian persimmons, with a sweet rich flavor.  The favorite dessert is persimmon pudding.   The most common recipes result in a very moist pudding, thicker than a Jello® pudding, but softer than a brownie.  Many families in Southern Indiana serve this dessert at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and family parties.  A festival in Mitchell, Indiana was established in honor of the local wild fruit.

The fruit, once ripe, is not as acidic as many other fruits.  The Indiana Department of Health requires a license before anyone can sell persimmon pulp in Indiana.  It must be prepared in a commercial kitchen that is inspected by the Indiana Health department.   We prepare the pulp in our licensed commercial kitchen.   We take food safety very seriously and are trained food handlers.

We seek your advice for product suggestions and improvements.  Thank you for visiting this web site and for any comments you share with us.  Please address your comments to charlotte@persimmonpleasures.com.